Why I Recommend This Little Known Web Hosting Company To All My Clients

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Why I Recommend This Little-known Web Hosting Service To My Clients

Everyone who wishes to have their own website should think about hosting it themselves. Of course, you could use one of those free website builders, but then it will be like building your dream house on someone else’s property. Why not get your own ‘piece of land’ in cyberspace and develop on that property, increasing its value over time? Who knows, you may be able to cash-in by selling that property and make a huge profit.



To be efficient, your website has to be served from a fast computer (server). Speed is one of the most important ranking factors for search engine optimisation. To host a fast website economically, you may buy hosting space on a web hosting company’s server instead of building your own server. This gives you varying degrees of control over your website and its resources.


A server room

There are many web hosting companies, some huge (HostGator, Bluehost, Just Host come to mind). These big companies often resell space on their servers so smaller companies, or even individuals like me, can start our own web hosting company.

These small hosting companies more or less utilise the same service offered by the large companies, except the small reseller has the control over how his customers use server resources.

Now we have the background, let me tell you why I recommend a little-known web hosting service to all my clients. To begin, let’s look at how web hosting companies make money.


How Web Hosts Make Money from Hosting

As I said before, your website is hosted on servers owned by web hosting companies. Each server has hard drives with fixed capacities.


Now just for mathematical purposes, say for example the server has a 100 Gigabyte drive. The more hosting accounts the web host can fit onto that drive, the more money they can make.


Still using our example, instead of allocating 2 Gigs of space to each account and have 50 accounts on the server, some companies place say 100 accounts on the server. They then advertise their service as having unlimited disk space. Customers are fooled into thinking they can use as many resources as possible. They end up making much more money.

Legal Protection

Now, this is is how they legally protect themselves as hosting companies. They place a clause in the hosting agreement (that almost no one reads before signing up), stating that although space is unlimited, accounts can be suspended for undue use of resources (space and bandwidth). The customer is tricked, but it is too late, he is already a customer.

It is not an easy task for a beginner to move his or her site to another web host. Even though some hosts will move your website for free, it is still a process most are not willing to go through. Many feel stuck with their web host after their website has grown and started getting suspended for slowing down the entire server.

It does not have to be that way. Of course, you could spend more money and a VPS or even more money and get your own dedicated server. No, it doesn’t have to go there if you choose your web host wisely.


Little Known Web Hosting Company

There is a little-known web hosting company called Yahjam Host that was borne out of my frustration of dealing with shared hosting. I had nightmares with Just Host, having my account regularly suspended as my websites grew.

I started my own web hosting company determined that others must not go through what I went through. I wanted my company to be the best little web host.

Powered By Inmotion Hosting

When I decided to start my own web hosting business, I needed a hosting reseller that was highly rated, especially for speed and customer service. I decided on Inmotion Hosting. Yahjam Host is powered by one of the leading web hosting companies in the US, receiving many awards as an industry leader. Its servers are fast, secure and reliable.

Limited Disk Space

Next, I decided not to go the route of most companies and offer unlimited space. Instead, I devised plans with limited disk space, but enough space that they probably will never run out of space. I leave enough space on the server that in the event that space becomes a problem, users can buy additional space for a minimal cost. If necessary as well, I can move the website free of cost to another server.

Budgeting the space also ensures that the entire server will never be bogged down through overuse of resources.

Since Yahjam Host started in business over a year ago, there have been zero complaints. My immediate personal attention and diligence in solving the problems have gone down well with my clients.Click To Tweet

Not Everyone Is Welcome

quality-controlI do not advertise the service as my main aim is not to make a profit from Yahjam Host, but rather, to comfortably host my clients’ websites without any major problem.

Advertising would bring the good and the bad. We, therefore, restrict advertising and go after our target market which is small businesses.

Now here is the problem with the bad (where I am concerned). I don’t want adult content nor spammers on my server. Having these accounts on the same server as your website depreciates the search engine ranking of the websites on the same server. For me, it’s not all about the money.

Personal Customer Service

I provide the customer service for Yahjam Host and my customers get personal service through phone, WhatsApp, Messenger or email. I am never too far away and never stop until a problem is solved.

No Complaints Since Starting Business

As such, since Yahjam Host started in business over a year ago, there have been zero complaints. My immediate personal attention and diligence in solving the problems have gone down well with my clients.

The Same Business Model Will Be Continued

The plan for Yahjam Host is to remain small. The emphasis will continue to be on providing excellent service over making a big profit.

Sure I could start an affiliate program and get affiliates to promote it. I could advertise in forums and so on as the other web hosts do. I could offer huge discounts to get a crowd onto the service. However, it’s not all about the money.

Other Services Offered

In addition to shared web hosting services, Yahjam Host provides domain name services as well as Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate services (https).




This is why I recommend this little-known web hosting service. It seeks to solve the problems caused by shared hosting on crammed commercial servers. Your resources are controlled by a fast, reliable web hosting service, provided by one of the leaders in the industry.

Yahjam Host is the service that I recommend to all my clients. It is not because it is my, company, but because it was built and maintained for maximum customer satisfaction above all else.

By the way, you get a one-year free domain name with the purchase of any package. Click the image below to visit Yahjam Host.

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