Why I Decided To Start Blogging and How You Can Benefit from Your Own Blog

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On the 7th of June 2017 I wrote the first article for this blog. Was it my first blog post? No, I had probably written hundreds before. So why have I started this new blog?



I started blogging on WordPress way back in 2008. When I realized I could make money online, I eventually tried affiliate marketing. I promoted the products that others owned and in return I was given a small commission. This commission varied from company to company. I used Amazon Associates, Google Adsense and to a lesser extent Commission Junction and Shareasale.

I did not get rich doing it, but I was really satisfied. It felt good. I remember putting up a banner for a new iPad keyboard case and earned over $300 in one day. Other times it was not as good.

Get the messy look just rightI eventually decided that I had learned enough over the years to set up my own companies. In January last year, I started Yahjam Web Services, a web design and online business promotion company. All my blogs had to be put on hold as the time didn’t permit me to do both.

Now I am back blogging but with a different approach. This blog will be used to promote my services and my expertise in order to build my company. I will showcase articles related to online business promotion (which is a vast niche), so there will be something for everyone.

I would also like to use it to interact with my fellow bloggers. I have learned much over the years and done somethings right and lots of things wrong. This experience I aim to impart on this blog so as to be of help to other bloggers.



An estimated one thousand new websites coming online every single minute. There are billions of searches on Google and Google looks to blogs to answer those questions. Build a blog that solves someone’s problems or answers questions people are asking online and you are on your way.

Famous blogger Darren Rowse of Problogger, created this infographic of the many ways you can use a blog to make money.


Don’t be daunted by the chart above. It really is simple.


It is indeed a simple formula to running a successful blog.

  1. Create blog and choose domain name
  2. Create top quality content (can be outsourced)
  3. Build email list of website visitors
  4. Communicate regularly with your list
  5. Find things to promote or sell on your blog

Start Your Own WordPress Blog ad 300


One major mistake I made was never paying enough attention to building an email list. Don’t make that mistake. If you are a new blogger, or if you have a website, make sure you have an email sign up form. Collecting subscribers is like your pension. It can provide a reliable income over time.

Mailer Lite offers a free email marketing auto-responder for up to 1000 subscribers.Click To Tweet

If you are looking for a free email option, why not try Mailer Lite? They give you a free email marketing service for up to 1000 subscribers. Unless your blog is an instant success, that should serve you for a while.

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