What are LSI Keywords and Why Should You Use Them In Every Blog Post?

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What are LSI keywords and why should I use them in every blog post? First of all, I love SEO. Sure, there are many other ways to get traffic, but there is nothing like SEO traffic. All you need to do is get it right once and your work is done.

If you are getting traffic from other sources: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on, it is still good to get some SEO traffic. Why not write LSI keywords SEO optimized posts to get a share of the free SEO traffic?



What are LSI Keywords

LSI stands for Latent Symantic Indexing but is easier explained as keywords that are related to a main keyword. It is is a technique for analyzing relationships between a set of documents and the terms they contain, by producing words that are commonly used in each document.

To make it simpler, let us use the analogy of the keyword “American elections 2017.” We cannot speak about American elections 2017 without mentioning “Donald Trump,” or “Hilary Clinton” or the “Democratic Party” or the “Republican Party”. Any article focused on the key word American Elections 2017 would be expected to contain those related terms.

What are LSI Keywords and Why Should You Use Them In Every Blog Post

When Google crawls your website, one of the things they do is indexing by latent semantic analysis. In other words, LSI is one of the factors they look for in order to rank your site. When people search the Internet, they want results that are most relevant to their keywords. Google will therefore spider your website looking to see if you have these relevant related LSI keywords. It’s aim is to give its users exactly what they are searching for.

The question then is, why are we not giving search engines what they want to boost our keywords in search engine optimization?

What Are LSI Keywords: How We Will Use LSI Keywords

We will first write our post, but before we publish it, we are will add LSI keywords that are related to our main keyword. We will then sprinkle a few of them in our article. To do this, we will need a latent semantic indexing tool. Fortunately, there is a very good free LSI keyword research tool.


What Are LSI Keywords: How To Find LSI Keywords

To find the LSI keywords, we will use a powerful little free keyword checker called LSI Graph. It is the ultimate research tool for writing a keyword optimized blog post. All you do is enter your main keyword and LSI Graph will output related LSI keywords.

I will use this blog post I am writing as an example. My main keyword is “what are LSI keywords.” The video below shows how simple it is to find those LSI keywords. You will see that LSI Graph is a simple, solid, free keyword tool generator.

How To Use LSI Keywords In Your Blog Post

Next, all you have to do is see which ones can be used in your article without changing the personal “tone” of the conversation. In other words, your post must still sound as if you are conversing with someone.

The keywords in bold letters in this article are all the results of  LSI keyword research from the video above. I emboldened them to show how they can be used to fit seamlessly within an article so the article still sounds natural.

This is my tip for you today to help you in your on-page search engine optimization. Use the LSI Graph keyword search engine and optimize your content with latent semantic indexing keywords.

A huge spin-off of using LSI keywords is that competition for some of the LSI terms you include in your blog may be very low. Very often you will find that search engines will rank you for some long tail keywords that you never targeted. That is free traffic that you never planned for.


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