5 Key Elements For A Winning Small Business Website Design

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Small Business Website Design

What makes a winning small business website design? Small businesses make up the local service business in each town or city. They include barbers, restaurants, doctors, lawyers, dentists, plumbers, to name a few.  A small business website design is unique for each business.

Each business has its own clientele and targets. Due to these facts, when designing a website for small businesses, one must bear in mind that each business owner will need his site to achieve different goals.

All the websites featured on this page were created by Brian Elliott through Yahjam Web Services. Contact me for low cost, affordable small business website design.

tjr-englishwear homepage

However, there are some things that all good small business website designs have in common. Some of these do not deal with the actual website design. The web design process begins before the actual design. The process also continues after the actual design. We will look at 5 things that make a good website design.




1. Free Consultation

A good small business website design service will consider offering free consultations. Small business owners will be more reluctant to pay for consultations than bigger businesses. This is because they may not believe that a web design is worth it much less to think of spending money on consultation.  A web designer who charges for consultation may, therefore, be repelling potential clients.

free consultation - Small Business Website Design

Free Consultation

At this stage, a good consultation can win over doubting prospects. Deliver a free consultation and show the business person what a good web design can do for their business. The consultation must show the business owner exactly how he or she will benefit from having a website. Give them a low-cost website design package and there is a high probability that you have a client.


2. Easy Communication

There must be easy and multiple ways of contact between your web designer and small business owner. In these days, there are multiple ways to get connected: phone, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp and other forms of instant messaging.

There will be a need for constant communication, especially in the planning stages. Both parties must be easily available.

phone communication - Small Business Website Design

3. Affordable Price

Small businesses with small budgets, need affordable web design. Most will not be able to afford the expensive designs that larger companies can afford. This is why freelance web designers are the main suppliers of services to local small businesses. A web designer that can provide an affordable service is what most small businesses look for. A good web design company must, therefore, be price competitive, yet offer a better service than a freelancer can.


laptop dollars affordable website design

4. Website Design

This, of course, is the most important element so I will break it down into 7 sub headings. There are certain things that a good small business website must have in order for it to be high converting. These are your 7 tips for building a great website (for small businesses).leadonna-conyah-Small Business Website Design

Contact Details

This is the most important info to highlight on a small business website.  A customer searching for a service is often times looking for one or more of the following:

  • Street address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Location on Google Map

It is therefore important that these be highlighted. The visitor must also be able to send a message through the website contact form.

The website below shows the phone number and email address in the header. Both are clickable for instant access through mobile.

Falmouth Excursions - Big Deal Tours header

The footer (shown below), has, even more information, including a map, the address, phone number and email address..

Falmouth Excursions - Big Deal Tours - footer

Quickly Tell Exactly What Business Is About

You only have a few seconds to make an impression online. Therefore you have to make it count. A good small business website design will quickly convey exactly what the business is about.

The website below for a jerked chicken restaurant called Pepper’s Jerk Center shows  “in-your-face,” exactly what the business is about by showing a plate of jerked food.


Small Business Website Design -Services

Not everyone will know all that a business offers. Not everyone will have the patience to read it all. Using even one image (accompanied by test), you can adequately communicate the services you provide. Videos and testimonials are also good to sell your service.

A picture says a thousand words, and the website below leaves no doubt as to that are the main services provided. Although the services are listed below, the image tells us that this guy does computer repairs.

Computer Repairs Falmouth - Fix Them Computers

The locksmith website below has the call-to-action as the main highlight, but right below it, the main broad categories of services provided are listed. Further down the page, there are more details about the services.

Falmouth Locksmith - Services

Clear Calls-to-Action

Every small business website must have a clear call-to-action. This is the primary action the small business owner wants visitors to his website to take. It could be to call a phone number, subscribe to email or buy a product. This call-to-action should be clearly stated and placed strategically on the website.

You only have a few seconds to make an impression online. Therefore you have to make it count. Click To Tweet

In the website below, the locksmith wants his website visitors to call his number. The button is clickable for instant access on mobile phones.

Falmouth Locksmith homepage

Small Business Website Design – Page Speed

The time a page takes to load is very important. Search engines use this page speed as a ranking factor. It also affects user experience. Most people will not wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load. The longer it takes for the site to load, fewer people will be inclined to wait around. A good web design must, therefore, produce pages that load in 3 seconds or less.

Good On-Page SEO for Search Ranking

Local search is the bread and butter of small businesses. A good web designer will deliver a small business website that has basic on-page search engine optimization. That means the website has basic optimization for ranking in search results.

This is extremely critical for small business websites. The owner will want his website to turn up high in ranking for the locals search term for his business. Optimizing for this term will increase the chances that it will actually rank.


seoSo for example, a barber in Montego Bay would want his website optimized for a term such as “best barber in Montego Bay.” If the web designer optimizes for that term from before the website is launched, then there is a higher chance that it will show up on the front page of search results. Of course, on-page SEO is only half the story (the other half is off-page), but at least, the job is half done.


In the age of mobile devices, a good small business website design must be responsive. This means it must adjust to fit different screen sizes. From desktop to laptops to tablets, to smartphones of all sizes. If someone searches through a mobile device and your website is not mobile friendly, your site may not show up in Google search results.


5. Add-On Services

Most small business owners will not have the time nor the skill to maintain their website. A good small business website design service will have add-on services that maintain and or promote the business.

A maintenance service that charges a small fee each month is an excellent add-on. Furthermore, additional social media, video marketing, SEO and other services will let the business owner rest assured that his website can be kept up-to-date and serving its purpose.

A video can be an extremely valuable tool in local marketing. A web design company what also does video marketing can throw in a great deal, packaging a website and video.


What Makes A Good Small Business Website Design?

A good small business website design begins even before the website design begins. The experience begins from the first time the designer and the business owner start communicating. It contiues into the quality of the website design. It can even last long after the website is built. You may also want to check out my previous post: 15 Tips for Choosing a Web Designer.

All the websites featured on this page were created by Brian Elliott through Yahjam Web Services. Contact me for low cost, affordable small business website design.


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