How to Extract Color Palettes From Images

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How to extract color palettes from an image

In my previous post, I looked at 3 Steps to Choosing Colours For Your Website. In that post, I looked at a 3-step process for choosing website colours, starting with a main brand colour of your choice. Now it is time to look at a different scenario. What if you want to pull your website colours from a photo or object?


There is inspiration all around and once that inspiration is captured in a photo,  you can easily extract these colours as a theme for your website. Indeed, the colour palette can be used as a theme for anything. Painting your house, choosing curtains for a room, you name it. You are not limited only to websites, but you can extract the colour palettes for almost any design task.

Extract colour palettes

Let me show you how simple it is to extract a colour palette from your image. I will use the example of the image below.


Image via Pixabay


What if I want to let my website colours perfectly blend in perfectly with the image above? I plan to make it a main hero image for the homepage so I want all colours to blend in with it.

Free online tool

There is a cool, free online tool called Colour Mind. This website is a colour generator that will generate different colour shades for your website. They have a cool feature that allows you to upload an image, and have colours automatically generated for you.

color-palette from image


When you upload the image, a palette will be generated. You may continue to click generate until you have found a satisfactory colour combination.


If you want to find colour schemes from images, it doesn’t get easier than this. You might need a web designer to build your website, but you definitely don’t need anyone to choose your colour schemes. Check out Colourmind image upload.

Of course, if you need a web designer, you may contact me for a quote.