What Do You Think About My Blog Redesign? (Why and How I Did It)

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why a blog redesign & how I did it

Blog Redesign

I have just completed a blog redesign for Brian Elliott Blog. When I started this blog, I used a free WordPress theme with the intention of changing it eventually. Incidentally, this is not the best SEO practice. It is best to start with a theme and stay with it. This is a case of doing as I say, not as I do (smile).


Why Change Theme?

Why did I start with a free theme? I am the type of person who keeps changing things. I never seem satisfied with how things look. If I allowed myself, I would never start writing a blog as I would be spending time changing and tinkering with the theme. So, I started with a free theme, got some content, and then it is now time to add a pro theme. As I said before, not the best practice.

This is what the old theme looked like just before the change.

blog redesign - Telegraph Theme - Brian Elliott 640 wide

The old theme.

When it was time to think about a new theme, I decided to build it myself. I spent hours constructing from scratch. However, it was taking too much of my time.

Funny enough, I would have persisted if I was building the site for a client, but for myself? I had to consider if it would intrude too much into my limited time. As they say here in Jamaica, “a barber never has a good haircut.” In the end, I gave it a break. I will get back to it if time allows in the future, but not now.

How and Why I redesigned My Blog

Why Re-Design My Blog?

But why though? Why not go with a free WordPress theme? The theme I chose looks good and performed well. However, it lacked a few things I need to take my blog to the next level. The old theme:

  1. Had no native advertising slots
  2. Did not have the ability to change type of font or enlarge fonts
  3. Had no native speed enhancement features
  4. Had limited styling capabilities
  5. Left a link in the footer

With all the above, the free theme could not take me to the next level. Apart from building a theme for myself, I was left with the choice of buying a theme. Then it struck me.

Newspaper Theme

I remember a theme I bought years ago from my favourite theme store MyTheme Shop. It is called MTS Newspaper (not to be confused with the popular Newspaper theme by tagDivi, which I also own). I decided to dig up my old folders and sure enough, I found it.

I remember the Newspaper theme very well. Apart from the fact that I used it to make some ‘good’ money from my affiliate sites, I remember one thing about it that stood out: speed!

I don’t know how these guys at MyTheme Shop do it, but their themes are consistently some of the fastest WordPress themes on the market. I have used quite a few and speed is what they all seem to have in common.

The image below from the theme’s options panel tells part of the story. It has a tabbed page dedicated to performance!

Newspaper Theme performance - Brian Elliott Blog

This brings me to the biggest answer to the question: “why a blog redesign?” The thing is, it cost me nothing, zilch, nada. All it cost was a little time to customize it.

Not that I am a free loader. I was actually planning to buy the Clean theme from MyTheme Shop when I saw Newspaper as a recommended similar theme. That was when I recalled that I should have Newspaper on a drive somewhere. Why buy it when you already have it? I searched, and I found. By the way, the Clean Theme is on sale for a limited time, for only $19. That is a big discount.

search and find

How I Re-Designed My Blog

I decided to keep the same colour scheme as I had before.

Blog Redesign Colours

I used green, my favourite colour as the primary colour. Green denotes wealth and tranquillity. Not that I have wealth, mind you (smile). It is also the second most popular colour among both men and women. They say it is the colour of introverts and I must confess, I am somewhat of an introvert.


Green second only to blue in popularity. I was tempted to choose blue, as it represents trust, stability and security. For that reason, it is the most popular colour for websites. However, I also wanted the blog to represent who I am: a green man.


I balanced the green with the secondary orange/red. This is a mixture that represents enthusiasm, friendliness, creativity, passion, energy, urgency and vibrancy.

This makes the colour choice somewhat of an oxymoron. Well, you get something of everything here on my blog so I guess it is a fitting paradox. Take a look at 3 Steps to Choosing Colours For Your Website.

I had recently redone my logo. All I had to do was to make it minimal (all white) to fit the green header.


Brian Elliott Blog Redesign

In the end, my blog redesign did not take much time. Most of the time was spent experimenting with various colour choices and combinations. The features of this highly rated theme make it a fitting replacement for the previous one. It has served me so well over the years.

blog redesign - Newspaper Theme - Brian Elliott blog

The new homepage

Recommended Themes

If you need a professional theme, I strongly recommend a theme from MyTheme Shop. Their themes are fast, SEO optimized, efficient and beautiful. They have tons of features for customisation as well Most of all, they are built for speed, which is an essential SEO metric. I have been buying themes from them for years and I absolutely love them. You may check out the blog themes from MyTheme Shop by clicking this link or check out the theme I am using by clicking here.

MyThemeShop Blog Themes

What do you think? Do you like blog redesign? Drop me a comment below and tell me whether or not you like it and why.


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